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About Babblarna


Babblarna are a colourful bunch that make language training an exciting and playful adventure. Their videos on YouTube are enormously popular, and every day new viewers are discovering and falling for these little speech boosters – because Babblarna are more than just entertaining and fun – they can really aid language development.

Babblarna have been developed specially for children in the early stages of language development, and they are suitable for all toddlers and young children – with or without special needs.
Based on the internationally recognised Karlstad Model of Language Intervention, they help children take those first important steps in building their language.

Babblarna speak their own language, based on the sound of their names. Listening to Babblarna speak, and then imitating the way they talk, is an effective way of practising the use of stress and melody in language, and it’s really easy to forget that it’s language training when you join in all the fun and adventures in Babblarna’s world.

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